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There is no shortage of business opportunities in San Diego. Despite the laid-back vibe of the city, it is home to some of the most competitive businesses in tourism, defense, manufacturing, life sciences, electronics, software, biotechnology, genomics, and more. In addition to a thriving economy, the city also features great beaches, unique neighborhoods, outdoor recreation, and incredible cuisine. There are few places in the United States that offer a more unique opportunity to small business owners and entrepreneurs. 


Whether you’re looking to start a business or expand an existing one, Nelson Funding provides financial support tailored to your unique needs. Rather than going through the time-consuming and lengthy process, most banks require to secure commercial loans in San Diego, Nelson Funding provides you with a hard money loan in a matter of days. Don’t miss out on an incredible commercial property. Contact one of our loan officers to secure your funds and move forward with your expansion. 


Our Low-Interest Rate Commercial Loans Deliver Rapid Financing

Tourism, manufacturing, and military/defense are the leading industries in San Diego, all of which offer exciting possibilities. However, if you’re unable to secure the funds you need for your next venture, you may not be able to take the next step in growing your business.


That’s where Nelson Funding can help. Whether you need to secure a warehouse purchase loan to expand your sports equipment business or need a multifamily purchase loan for a new bed and breakfast, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few scenarios that demonstrate how Nelson Funding can help you succeed in San Diego’s top industries: 



Thousands of tourists visit San Diego each year to enjoy theme parks, beaches, museums, and more. Say you want to capitalize on this by opening a hotel near Pacific Beach or a nightclub downtown. You then start searching for properties and find the perfect one. As you start talking to several commercial lending companies, you realize none of them are going to get you the funding you need in time. The property you had your eye on sells and you have to begin your search all over again. The next time you find a property, you contact Nelson Funding. We’re able to get you the money you need in a short amount of time via a hard money loan and the deal is closed quickly. 


Another way Nelson Funding can help you succeed in the tourism industry is with fix-and-flip loans. For example, you find a piece of prime real estate downtown that would be perfect for a nightclub. Your plan is to restore and renovate the old building and turn it into an upscale club. Rather than going through a bank, you turn to Nelson Funding. We provide you with a loan to buy and restore the building. You can then begin renovations while taking advantage of a low-interest-rate commercial loan. 



The outdoor sports equipment company you’ve started has really taken off. You realize that you need to purchase a warehouse to more efficiently produce your equipment. However, you want this new warehouse to be operational before the tourism season is at its peak. You know that your bank won’t get you the funds you need before the season starts so you contact Nelson Funding. We provide you with a warehouse purchase loan within a matter of days. You’re then able to move forward with your project timeline and get your warehouse operational weeks ahead of schedule. 



With such close proximity to the US Navy, you want to relocate your successful software company closer to the base. You start searching for office spaces near the San Diego Harbor and soon find one only a few blocks from the harbor. However, another commercial lending company encounters a delay and is unable to secure your funds. As a result, you lose the space to a competitor. After spending a few more weeks searching for a new space, you find another space nearby the base. This time, you contact Nelson Funding and obtain an office purchase loan and avoid missing out on another opportunity. 


How Nelson Funding Makes the Difference

Each of the scenarios above demonstrates how the team at Nelson Funding can help business owners and investors take advantage of incredible business opportunities in San Diego. We know that no business has similar financial needs, which is why we work closely with a number of private lenders to find you the right hard money loan

Unlike other commercial lenders, our application process is designed to be fast and effective so you can get the funds you need. The entire process can be completed in four steps: 


  • Apply. Fill out our online application and submit all necessary documents required for your loan. 
  • Review LOI. Within 2-4 days of receiving your documents, one of our lenders will issue their terms. You’ll then pay a refundable deposit to cover legal fees and third-party reports. 
  • Complete due diligence. Our lending partners will meet with you to review the site and complete any other due diligence tasks. This is usually completed within 7-14 days. 
  • Receive funds. We’ll coordinate closing with titles for you so you can stay focused on your business. We strive to close most deals with 10-30 days* depending on your specific loan. 


That’s it! Should you have any questions or concerns during the application process, one of our friendly loan officers will happily assist you. 


If you’re in need of commercial loans in San Diego to take advantage of a great retail property, contact Nelson Funding. Call us at 573-246-7087 to speak with a representative. 


*Nelson Funding LLC makes no guarantee to place your loan. The actual interest rate depends on the strength of the deal. The actual time to close varies on loan specifications. Nelson Funding does not act as a residential mortgage broker. Rate and time to close can change without notice.


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