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Fort Lauderdale has so much more to offer than pristine beaches, year-round sun, and great food. This booming city has quickly become a hotspot for young entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Many young professionals flock to this city as it’s generally seen as a fun place to open a business. Plus, the low cost of living, cheap land, diversity, and international flavor featured here is only helping growth. According to the president of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Barry Kates, “it’s the climate, the sexiness, the diverse culture we have” that’s so attractive to young people.


Whether you’re a startup or a larger business looking to expand, there are no shortage of business opportunities in Fort Lauderdale. However, seemingly endless business possibilities also means intense competition. Commercial property in Fort Lauderdale is generally pretty affordable, which means there are plenty of other companies looking to buy. Before you miss out on your dream piece of property, contact Nelson Funding. In as little as ten days, we can provide you with a hard money loan in Fort Lauderdale to turn your professional dreams into a reality. 


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With literally hundreds of other commercial lending companies available, you may wonder what makes Nelson Funding different? Our process is designed to save you time. Rather than taking weeks or even months to get your funds, we can provide your capital in as short as a few days. This way, you avoid your piece of property being sold to another young entrepreneur and you can move forward with your project timeline. Before you talk to traditional banks or other commercial lenders, contact Nelson Funding. Chances are, we can provide your funds faster than other competitors.


Take Advantage of Fort Lauderdale’s Multitude of Property Investments

It’s no secret that Fort Lauderdale has significantly evolved from the spring break town it once was. Today, the city attracts wealthier tourists with gorgeous beaches, nautical recreation, and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which draws more than 125,000 tourists every year. Additionally, the proximity to the Bahamas and the Caribbean makes it a popular vacation stop for yachts and a home port for avid boatmen.


However, nautical recreation isn’t the only thing on the city’s economic agenda. Many of Florida’s industries are rapidly expanding, especially in Fort Lauderdale, providing a plethora of business opportunities for young professionals. The top five industries in this city are:


  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Life sciences (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, etc.)
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Information technology


Whether you’re a small software company with a revolutionary simulation program or a manufacturing company looking to expand your distribution of medical equipment, Fort Lauderdale has no shortage of opportunities. The trick is getting in on the game before it’s too late. That’s where Nelson Funding comes in. 


Rapid Financing from Nelson Funding in Action

Here’s an example of how a hard money loan from Nelson Funding can make the difference between taking some of Fort Lauderdale’s revenue for yourself and missing out. 

With so many yachts and boats parked at the marinas and canals throughout the city, you’ve decided to start a security company to help keep them protected from burglary and vandalism. You’ve hired a few guards to do security checks at night and have even partnered with a small software company that will provide cameras and alarms to install on boats. Ideally, you’d like to set up an office near the Bahia Mar Resort and Yachting Center, which is the most popular marina and in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Plus, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is hosted here and provides opportunities for further business expansion.

Soon enough, you find the perfect spot–right across the street from the marina and spacious enough to have a few IT people on hand to help with camera installation and customer service. However, you need to move quickly in order to claim this property, so you start looking for commercial lenders. You’ve worked with other commercial lending companies in the past and have been frustrated with the time-consuming and complicated process, so you contact Nelson Funding. 

After we’ve received your application and completed all due diligence at your property, we’ll carefully match you with one of our many investors in Fort Lauderdale who are likely to fund your business. Within a few days, you have the commercial loan you need and before you know it, you’re moving into your dream business space. Even after you’ve received your hard money loan, we can help you get a traditional mortgage loan or provide additional funds for construction or a fix-n-flip loan to improve your property. 


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