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When it comes to buying commercial property in Provo, UT, you definitely want to ensure that you have funding lined up to avoid disappointment. Such a hotbed of technology- and university-related businesses, not to mention healthcare and retail, offers up thousands of opportunities to make money by buying, building and rehabbing, and owning (or flipping) commercial property. The one thing standing in your way is funding, and that’s not surprising. Banks often can’t meet your timeline when you need to move fast to acquire a property. Losing out to funded competitors can ruin your plans for growth in Provo. It’s possible that you’ve already dealt with these problems, and you need a way to move into the Provo markets you’re interested in, fast. That’s why you need to talk to us.

Nelson Funding offers a full complement of financing options to fit almost any deal, including:

  • Retail Property Loans
  • 10-Day Bridge Loans
  • Hospitality Loans
  • Multifamily Loans
  • SBA, USDA, Conventional Mortgages
  • And more!

One of the top advantages of getting your financing through Nelson Funding is our experience. We have closed deals in dozens of verticals in Provo, throughout Utah, and across America (and abroad). When you work with our experienced loan professionals, they’ll match your deal with the best loan and lender so you get the capital you need more easily and quickly than if you went to your financial institution for a loan. Let’s look at a few scenarios that illustrate how Nelson Funding can get you the financing you need for your Provo commercial property deals:

  1. Purchase & Rehab: This is a common situation; you find a building in the area of the city you want to operate in, and it needs work or specialized upgrades to accommodate your business. Often banks will not be in step with your project timeline, forcing you to wait and potentially miss out on your deal. Nelson Funding can usually step up in these situations; getting you a bridge loan in only 10 days. We can also work with you later to get you a conventional commercial mortgage.
  2. New construction: You’re in a critical stage of your commercial construction project in Provo. It’s imperative you get additional funding to bring your project to completion. The clock is ticking and local banks and credit unions aren’t offering any solutions. Enter Nelson Funding. One call to us can help you discover a range of commercial loan options that can help you get your construction project back on track. Our construction loans are typically close in 14-21 days. Contact us because we can arrange expedited funding for urgent needs.
  3. Buy an existing building: This sounds like it should be a fairly straightforward process; but it can get complicated when the funding you thought would be there, isn’t. Nelson Funding can help you get a loan so you won’t have to worry that a competitor will snag the building you want.

Make Plans for Your Provo Commercial Property Deal – Nelson Funding Has Your Back

While not all deals will qualify, (and for deals outside the listed parameters please reference the General Lending Parameters page), Nelson Funding can often arrange to finance for a wide range of commercial property deals in Provo and beyond. How to grow your business in Utah: Make plans for your Provo commercial property deal then get in touch with Nelson Funding!

Call Nelson Funding today; don’t miss out on your Provo commercial real estate deal! Call us now: 573-246-7087, or contact us online.


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