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Hard Money Loans in Miami, FL to Make Your Business Dreams a Reality

With year-round warm weather, beautiful beaches, world-class nightlife, popular theme parks, and being the cruise capital of the world, it’s no wonder that tourism is Miami’s biggest industry. In addition to tourism, finance, international trade, media and telecommunications, and agriculture are some of the city’s major industries. With thousands of tourists flocking to Miami throughout the year and more and more large companies calling the city home, there are plenty of business opportunities waiting for the young professional or the seasoned businessman. 


A recent study showed that over the next ten years, Miami’s job growth is expected to be 42.7%, higher than the national average of 33.5%. With such high job growth, competition between large organizations and young entrepreneurs is fierce. It’s crucial to quickly find and secure a commercial property and open your doors as soon as possible  or risk losing business to a competitor. However, getting the financing you need isn’t always easy. It’s not uncommon to run into obstacles that postpone receiving your funds, which can cost your perfect commercial property.


To ensure you meet your business goals, contact Nelson Funding. We’ve financed a number of hard money loans in Miami, FL that have helped dozens of organizations grow and expand rapidly. Whether you’re hoping to expand your international trading company or open the door of your first retail shop, we’re here to provide you with the financial security you need.

Who is Nelson Funding?

We’re a hard money lender with a wide network of investors across the United States. Our team has financed a number of commercial loans: from multifamily bridge loans to million-dollar construction loans. We’ve created a streamlined loan process that avoids the typical headaches associated with other commercial lending companies and secures your funds in as little as ten days. 



  • Apply. Rather than submitting an application in person, you can use our online application to submit all necessary documents and project details. If you have questions, one of our loan officers is happy to assist you.


  • Review LOI. After we’ve received your application, we’ll carefully match you to one of our thousands of lenders who might be interested in your project. They usually issue their lending terms within 2-4 days of receiving your application. 


  • Complete due diligence. You’ll meet with one of our lending partners to conduct a site visit. This is also when the appraisal and BPO are completed. Most due diligence tasks are completed within 7-14 days.


  • Fund. Our lending partners will work hard to quickly coordinate closings using mobile notaries. Depending on the deal type, you can expect to close your loan between 10-30 days.



When you partner with Nelson Funding, you’re guaranteed rapid financing so you can claim your spot in Miami’s booming business market.

See Nelson Funding in Action

To help you understand what makes Nelson Funding different from other commercial lending companies, take a look at the two examples below.

Financing a New Retail Property with Great Terms

You’re a young entrepreneur who’s created a line of beachwear that has quickly taken off. Miami is the perfect place to open your doors as thousands of surfers and beachgoers flock to this city all year. You know that Miracle Mile is probably the best place for your business as there’s over 200 retail stores as 70 great restaurants that attract hundreds of visitors every year. 


As one of the biggest shopping centers in the city, competition to secure retail space here is incredibly stiff. However, you learn that a business has decided to sell their spot and after taking a quick look, you decide that with a few renovations, it’ll be perfect. Rather than go through a traditional bank or another commercial lender, you contact Nelson Funding. We’ll quickly take you through our online process and ensure you get the capital you need to not only secure the property but also make the renovations you need to make it perfect. Within a few weeks, you’ve purchased the property, fixed it up, and opened your doors–just in time for summer. 


Securing an Office Bridge Loan for an International Trading Company

Not only can Nelson Funding help smaller companies, but larger companies as well. For example, let’s say you operate one of the city’s largest international trading companies. You have a main office located in downtown Miami, but you’re looking to expand just outside of town to reach more of your clients. 

While searching for commercial properties, you find one within twenty minutes from your main office, making travel between the two locations easy for your colleagues and clients. You reach out to a different commercial lending company but quickly learn that the capital you need won’t be available for a few months–plenty of time for a competitor to purchase it. Rather than risk waiting, you contact Nelson Funding and receive your office bridge loan in just two weeks. You’re able to quickly get things set up and ready before the start of your next quarter and it’s not long before you’re welcoming new clients. 


Contact Nelson Funding Today!

When you partner with Nelson Funding, you’ll enjoy flexible and rapid financing that can turn your business dreams into a reality. Don’t wait for someone else to steal your perfect piece of property. Contact us today to get started with our application. You can reach one of our representatives online, give us a call at 573-246-7087, or email us at loans@nelsonfunding.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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