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How to Get in On Salt Lake City’s Growing Multifamily Property Market


Everything seemed to be going your way – you found the property you wanted to buy in Salt Lake City’s booming multifamily housing industry. All seemed well until you found out that your financial institution couldn’t get the loan finalized in time for you to meet the deadlines for your project. A shame; really. It’s too bad to miss out on a great commercial property deal just for a lack of financing. It’s unnecessary, too, since Nelson Funding can help you get the capital you need through our private money loans.


Our Hard Money Loans Help You Go Forward with Your Plans

Lots of investors use hard money loans secured by the property they want to buy so they can move forward with their plans to purchase, rehab, or otherwise gain control of a building at a favored location. A hard money loan can be especially important if a business wishes to expand into an area before the competition beats them to it. If you have commercial property acquisition plans in Salt Lake City (whether you are buying multifamily buildings, industrial facilities, fix-n-flips, or other properties) you don’t have to stand idly by and watch your competitors grow – you can do it with help from Nelson Funding.


Loans for Salt Lake City Multifamily Housing Purchases, Construction & Rehab Projects

Let’s take a look at some multifamily building, buying and rehab scenarios that Nelson Funding could potentially fund to illustrate how you can benefit from our commercial real estate loan services:

  1. Purchase: You’ve found a terrific multifamily building in a desirable area and you’re ready to move on this deal before someone else snaps it up. Your bank can’t get the loan for you in time to take advantage of this great investment. Enter Nelson Funding: we’ll discuss the deal with you and show you our lending parameters. Result: Everything worked out great and you received your hard money loan from us within just a few days.
  2. Construction: You know the location and you want to build your multifamily building from the ground up. Nelson Funding is here for you: You apply for a hard money loan to keep your construction project going as you wait for equity financing. You don’t miss a beat because you can receive your loan from us within a few weeks. Result: You got your loan from us and your construction project kept on schedule, thanks to Nelson Funding.
  3. Rehab: The building is right where you want it; in a desirable area, but you need to do some rehab work to make this multifamily housing perfect. Nelson Funding understands. Our hard money loans are perfect for this scenario. Result: You got your loan from us and used the capital to make the updates to the building.


As you can see, Nelson Funding can help you take advantage of lots of different investment possibilities in Salt Lake City, including multifamily housing investments and more. Talk to us about your commercial property deal and our professionals will work to get you a loan that fits your needs. You can also explore how we can help you down the road: after you’ve made your purchase/rehab/construction (or other deal) with one of our bridge loans, we can help you get a traditional commercial mortgage loan.


Give Nelson Funding a call today; don’t miss out on the Salt Lake City commercial real estate deal you’ve had your eye on! Call now: 573-246-7087, or contact us online.

* Not all deals will qualify. For deals outside the listed parameters please reference the General Lending Parameters page.


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