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San Francisco features jaw-dropping scenery, mouth-watering food, and multiple thriving nightlife venues. In this city known for its adventurous, edgy spirit, there’s no shortage of business opportunities. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or are a long-time business owner, there’s always an opportunity to take your business to the next level. Plus, there’s no shortage of prime commercial property available.


If you’ve found the perfect spot for new office space, warehouse, or multi-family building, contact Nelson Funding first. We’re a hard money lender in San Francisco that can provide you with commercial loans within a matter of days. Traditional banks have a long, complicated hard money loan process that can take weeks to complete and poses the risk of your competition purchasing your perfect property before you do. Don’t take that risk. Contact Nelson Funding first and we’ll ensure the property you’ve had your eye on is yours. 


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Every year, more than 25 million tourists visit San Francisco as there’s something to please everyone. Foodies will love the vast, diverse dining scene and will have no shortage of new restaurants to try. Outdoorsman can explore places like Golden Gate Park, Lands End, Baker Beach, and Muir Woods National Monument. Attractions like the Golde Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Chinatown, and Union Square are just a few places where casual wanderers can experience the diversity and culture of the city. No matter what someone’s interests are, they’re bound to find something to enjoy in this incredible city.

If you’re hoping to take advantage of the millions of tourists and residents in this city with a new business idea, Nelson Funding is here to support you. We have a wide network of commercial lenders who are always looking for another exciting investment opportunity. Together, we’ll review your business plan and carefully match you with a commercial lending company that is most likely to fund your venture. This way, you save valuable time and are able to close on a deal fast before your property is sold. 

Unlike other commercial lenders, Nelson Funding is a quick-close bridge lender that streamlines the entire process of securing a hard money loan in San Francisco. We do most of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to concentrate on making your business dreams a reality.


Why Choose Nelson Funding?

Securing a hard money loan in San Francisco is a complicated and lengthy process. There are numerous steps you must complete before funds are provided to you. However, with Nelson Funding, getting your funds is incredibly easy. Below, we’ll demonstrate how Nelson Funding makes the difference between securing your perfect piece of commercial property and missing out on a great opportunity.


What Happens with Traditional Banks

One of the top industries in San Francisco is manufacturing with some of the biggest opportunities being apparel. Let’s say you’ve started your own line of athleisure clothing that has quickly become popular with outdoorsmen and adventurists.  You’ve already got a small retail shop set up near Golden Gate Park, but you want to open a second shop near Muir Woods National Monument. 

As you’re moving forward with plans to open a second shop, you realize that your small warehouse in the back of your store won’t be enough to cater to both stores. You realize you’re going to need a small warehouse where you can make and store clothes for both locations. However, you need to move forward quickly before the peak of the tourism season. 

You decide to secure your hard money loan from a traditional bank and hope they can move things forward quickly. As you begin the process of securing a warehouse purchase loan the bank informs you that it will be months before you’ll receive your funds–well into the tourism season. Nevertheless, you decide to move forward and turn your attention to getting your second store open and operational. 

However, as months go by and your second store is opened, you’re quickly overwhelmed with orders from both stores. You don’t have enough employees or space to keep up with demand and may face the possibility of closing your second store if you don’t get your hard money loan soon. 

Finally, the bank provides you with the funds you need to purchase warehouse space. Despite having your funds, the commercial property you had your eye on was purchased weeks ago and you’re now scrambling to find new space. 


How Nelson Funding Makes All the Difference

Here’s what happens when you contact Nelson Funding for a warehouse purchase loan. When you’ve found your commercial property, you’ll work closely with one of our representatives to fill out our online application and submit all necessary documents. After we’ve received your application, we’ll talk with our lenders who will issue terms within 2-4 days after getting your application. We’ll quickly complete any due diligence tasks and close your hard money loan using mobile notaries. The entire process takes between 10-30 days to complete depending on the type of deal. 

Once you have your warehouse purchase loan, you can close on the property and move forward with your project timeline. You’re able to open both your second retail store and your warehouse before the start of the tourism season. And you do it all without overwhelming your employees and yourself. 


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If you’re thinking about purchasing commercial property in San Francisco, contact us! You can reach one of our representatives online, sending us an email at, or by calling 573-246-7087. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. 


Don’t miss out on the exciting business opportunities available in this diverse city. Nelson Funding is your trusted resource for hard money loans in San Francisco. Whatever your business goals, we’re here to make them happen. Contact us today to get started.


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