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Deciding to start or expand a business is an exciting time. You’re taking the first step toward realizing your professional dreams and settling into your possible dream job. As you begin the process of looking for commercial property in Tampa, FL, you soon realize just how competitive the market is. Properties seem to pop up only to be bought a few hours later. 


Soon enough, you find the perfect piece of commercial property for your business. Everything seemed to be going fine until the traditional bank or financial institution you were working with couldn’t secure your funds in time. Soon enough, the space you’ve had your eye on is sold to someone else and you’re left scrambling to meet your project deadlines. 


Rather than risk losing your commercial property to a competitor, contact Nelson Funding. No other commercial lending company in Tampa, FL can provide hard money loans faster than we can. 

Why Get a Hard Money Loan from Nelson Funding?

At Nelson Funding, we want to help you reach your business goals, which is why we provide our clients with quick closing commercial bridge loans to ensure they have the funds ready to purchase commercial property as soon as possible. 


Why use a hard money loan instead of securing a traditional bank loan? Here are a few reasons: 


  • Speed: When you work with a traditional bank, they’ll review your application with a fine-toothed comb, verifying income, checking financial records, reviewing statements, and so on. They do this to ensure that your business venture is a good investment, not one that will put them in a tough situation later. This can be a time-consuming process and delay your project timeline. A hard money loan doesn’t look as deeply at your background which speeds up the process. Most of our clients at Nelson Funding receive their funds in as little as ten days or just a few short weeks. This is especially important in a competitive market like Tampa.


  • Flexibility: At Nelson Funding, we work with a broad range of investors who are always looking for their next opportunity. Once you’ve applied for a loan, we’ll carefully look at our network to find a lender that’s likely to fund your venture. From there, we’ll work out loan terms to best fit your needs. We provide reasonable term rates for your hard money loan from anywhere between six months to three years. Most lenders can get commercial loans for up to $30,000,000 at an interest rate between 6.99% to 10.99%. The flexibility you’ll experience at Nelson Funding is one you won’t experience anywhere else. 


  • Wide Range of Industries: Whatever type of business you’re running or business project you’re undertaking, Nelson Funding will provide you with funds. We’re happy to take a chance on business projects that other commercial lending companies or traditional banks view as risky. These include refinanced or vacant properties, bank turn-downs, distressed properties, rehab properties, and more. 


When you choose Nelson Funding as your commercial lender, you’ll know that you have the best financial resource in Tampa, FL backing your business venture. 


Hard Money Loans for Tampa Multifamily, Construction, and Rehab Purchases

To see how Nelson Funding makes all the differences in terms of your business ventures, let’s look at a few buying scenarios.


  • Multifamily: The real estate market in Tampa is incredibly hot. There are a number of reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest one is the city’s thriving economy, worth over $130 billion. Every year, young professionals, entrepreneurs, or college graduates come to Tampa for a new job opportunity and will be in need of housing. Establishing a multifamily building like an apartment complex or housing development is a great investment. To ensure you get property in one of the best Tampa neighborhoods like Harbour Islands, Sunset Park, or Parkland Estates, contact Nelson Funding. After we discuss a few details, we’ll provide you with lending parameters and you’ll have funds before you know it. 


  • Construction: You’ve found the perfect place near Madeira Beach to open up your first restaurant. You want to build your building from the ground up, so you contact Nelson Funding. Within a few weeks, you’ve received your capital and you’re able to begin construction right on schedule. 


  • Rehab: Let’s say you’re someone who’s grown up in Tampa and have dreamed about running your own boat cruise or catamaran tour for tourists where they can enjoy a sunset, watch dolphins, or just relax while enjoying some stunning scenery. You’ve found the perfect property, but it needs some work before you can open for business. A hard money loan from Nelson Funding is perfect for this scenario. We’ll match you with one of our investors who can help you complete this project on your own timeline. 


As you can see, Nelson Funding is your trusted financial resource in Tampa, FL. No matter what type of business venture you’re looking to pursue in Tampa, Nelson Funding is committed to supporting you. Even after you’ve received a commercial loan from us, we can help you further down the road as well. Speak to one of our representatives about securing a traditional mortgage loan at the same low interest rate. 


You can contact a Nelson Funding representative online, call us at 573-246-7087, or email to learn more about our lending parameters or to get started on the application process. We look forward to hearing from you!


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