Nelson Funding can Help with Your Next Business Venture with a Low-Interest Hard Money Loan

With gorgeous beaches and a relaxed, slow pace of life, Fort Myers, FL is one of the best places you could start a small business or expand an existing one. While the city is mostly filled with retirees, more and more millennials and young professionals are heading here due to the numerous economic opportunities that are waiting.


If you’re one of those hoping to start your next business venture in Fort Myers, it’s crucial to have the right financial resource in your corner. That’s where Nelson Funding comes in. We provide hard money loans in Fort Myers, FL that can help you move quickly into the business market. Whatever your business venture, our team is committed to helping them become a reality. 

Benefits of a Hard Money Loan from Nelson Funding

With so many financial options available to help fund your business venture, you may wonder why a hard money loan is the right choice. We’ll review the top three benefits below:



  • Speed: When you’ve found the right commercial property for your next business venture, it’s crucial that you move quickly. Most traditional banks or commercial lending companies take weeks or even months to complete. This increases the risk that you’ll lose your business property to a competitor before you can secure your funds. Plus, most traditional banks are wary to fund projects that require bridge loans and take more time to approve. At Nelson Funding, we can provide your capital in as little as ten days. We do this with a fast, easy online application, fewer loan requirements, and a wide range of lenders who are eager to invest. 




  • Flexibility: Because we work with such a wide range of lenders, we can provide flexible loan terms that other commercial lending companies can’t. Whether you need a small loan for office renovations or a larger loan for a construction project, you can negotiate how much you need with one of our lenders. Our interest rates are typically much lower as well, ranging from 4.99%-10.99%, and we’re happy to work out a flexible repayment schedule.




  • Numerous Loans Available: No matter what type of project you’re looking to complete, Nelson Funding has a loan for you. We fill the need for gaps by providing loans for projects like fix-n-flips or renovations, distressed or vacant properties, bank turn-downs, and more. 



When you secure a hard money loan from Nelson Funding, you’re guaranteed to get the funds you need to move your business project forward on your own timeline. That’s exciting! Putting your business plans to action and having all the funds you need to do it.

Arranging Financing for Various Fort Myers Projects

To help you see how Nelson Funding makes all the difference, consider the following scenario. You’re a talented chef that is looking to open a restaurant near Fort Myers Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the city. You’ve kept your eye on the market for a few weeks waiting for the perfect property to pop up. Soon enough, it does. It’s within walking distance from the beach and near several popular retail shops. You know that several people have their ye on this space and that you need to act quickly. 


As you start talking to traditional banks or other commercial lending companies, you realize that their application and approval process will likely take too long and the property will likely be sold before you can get your funds. That’s when you contact Nelson Funding. After you’ve completed our online application and provided us with necessary documents, we’ll match you with one of our lenders who quickly approve and provide your capital in as little as ten days. 


That’s it! You’re able to purchase your commercial property, move forward with your project timeline, and open the doors of your first restaurant. Nelson Funding is committed to supporting you even after you’ve gotten your commercial loans by helping you secure a traditional mortgage. 

Nelson Funding is Your Go-To Financial Resource

At Nelson Funding, we want to see you succeed in whatever business venture you have planned. With our quick-closing commercial bridge loans, you’ll have all the capital you need to succeed. We’re proud to provide the following loans: 


  • 10-day bridge loans
  • Fix-n-flip loans
  • Retail property loans
  • Multifamily loans
  • Hospitality loans
  • USDA, SBA, and conventional mortgages
  • Construction loans


These are just a few of the loans we offer. No matter what type of financing you’re looking for, Nelson Funding has a loan to match.


If you’re interested in buying commercial property in Fort Myers, contact a Nelson Funding representative today. You can reach us online here, emailing us at or calling us at 573-246-7087. One of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your business goals. We look forward to hearing from you!


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