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If you’ve found yourself missing out on a variety of Provo, UT, commercial property deals lately because of slow responses from banks for capital, Nelson Funding wants to talk to you. Our professionals can help you get the money you need to purchase the Provo commercial real estate you’ve had your eye on. One of the hottest real property opportunities in Provo is vacation rentals. You may wish to snap up some of the available rentals and profit when the tourist season is in full swing. If you wait too long or have complications with your funding, you may miss a tremendous money-generating deal. Nelson Funding offers hard money loans that can put you in the driver’s seat on Provo property deals.


Our Hard Money Loans Deliver Rapid Financing

Maybe you want to purchase a vacation rental that needs a bit of work. It’s located in a prime area in Provo, and you’re already thinking about how you’ll rehab it and flip it for a profit. One thing is standing in your way – easy access to the capital you need to make improvements to the building. That’s where Nelson Funding can help. Our hard money loans offer you rapid financing, in often as little as a few days. We encourage you to talk to us today about your commercial property investment plans. It’s likely we can get you the money you want to make your investment desires a reality.


See How Nelson Funding Can Make the Difference

With all the hiking, fishing, skiing, and more outdoor pursuits available to visitors to Provo, it’s no wonder investors want to buy or start their own vacation rentals, hotels, outfitter stores, and more travel and tourism-related commercial businesses. Tourists spend over $8 billion dollars in Utah each year, and savvy investors want to get their slice of that pie in Provo. Here are some potential investment scenarios and how Nelson Funding can make the difference between closing great deals and missed opportunities:

An investor saw that outdoor enthusiasts in the Provo area want an outfitter store that offers the latest in gently used fishing gear plus special short weekend fishing trips. The investor wanted to buy a particularly suitable location for this business, but couldn’t close fast on the deal because of a bank delay. Enter Nelson Funding: we financed the purchase of this commercial property so the business could be up and running in time for the peak of spring fishing season.

Another investor had a vision of fixing up a rundown but ideally located Provo ski vacation rental property. His plan was to buy this property, rehab it and flip it. He’d then use those proceeds to invest in an upscale ski resort in Provo. His bank couldn’t meet the timeline he required to receive capital and make the deal. Nelson Funding stepped up when the investor inquired about our private money loans. We helped him with a loan to buy and rehab the rundown property. Now the investor is enjoying the fruits of his efforts, thanks to the capital we were able to loan in a timely manner, at a great rate.

With so many tourists visiting the Provo area, good hotels can make a tidy profit. An investor was ready to take advantage of a great deal – she was going to buy a popular Provo hotel and upgrade it with a bigger dining area and a spot for live music performances. Her bank couldn’t make the loan fast enough for her to close the deal, so she lost out on that opportunity. She didn’t give up her dream and set her sights on another hotel in Provo, but this time when she needed financing to complete the deal, she came to Nelson Funding. We loaned her the money she needed via a hard money bridge loan to close this deal and start on the road to hotel ownership success.

All the above stories show how Nelson Funding can help commercial investors interested in buying Provo properties. Our loan professionals can match you with a private money loan that can help you move ahead with your investment plans. Plus, we can also help you down the road, when you’ve made your purchase/rehab/construction (or other deal) with one of our bridge loans, and you then want to get a traditional commercial mortgage loan.

If you’re looking for capital to help you take advantage of an urgent commercial property deal, call us today at 573-246-7087, or contact us online.

* Not all deals will qualify. For deals outside the listed parameters please reference the General Lending Parameters page.


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