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Salt Lake City Commercial Property Loans to Keep Your Business Growing


Have you been looking for retail properties, multifamily housing, fix-n-flip, or other investment opportunities in Salt Lake City? Finding great target properties is half the battle; lining up your financing is another matter altogether. You may have had some success in the past with local financial institutions, yet lately, you may have found that they can’t always come through for you when you need them. No financing source is foolproof, but we’d like to introduce you to Nelson Funding, and the range of lending options we offer. We’ve closed hundreds of loans with clients for Salt Lake City deals and deals throughout Utah and beyond. Here are some of the loan solutions we can offer you:

  • Retail Property Loans
  • 10-Day Bridge Loans
  • Hospitality Loans
  • Multifamily Loans
  • SBA, USDA, Conventional Mortgages
  • And more!

What Makes Nelson Funding Different?

You may wonder – there are many finance companies and lenders out there; what makes Nelson Funding different? Our experience and expertise allow you to get your loan easier and faster than you can at many financial institutions. We know the Salt Lake City market, as we’ve closed many types of commercial property loans there. We also know our network of lenders well; we know what they’ll fund, and we know which ones are the ones to turn to for specific loan types. All of this knowledge saves you considerable time during the loan process, allowing you to receive your capital quickly, in time to keep your project moving forward.

For example, you might see two multifamily buildings next door to each other in an up-and-coming neighborhood. These buildings are near stores, schools, and parks – perfect for family life. Most of the similar multifamily homes in the area generate lucrative rental income, and you want to acquire these properties and rent them out as soon as possible. You’ve determined that you need to do some remodeling to the kitchens, baths, and a bit of roof work on each building. You see the end result in your mind’s eye: they’ll generate income for years. All you need is funding to make this prudent investment.


Move Quickly into The Salt Lake City Multifamily Market

Nelson Funding understands the multifamily housing market in Salt Lake City; we know how it has grown, and how competitive it can be to buy buildings there. Call us: 573-246-7087, or contact us online. Let’s talk about your Salt Lake City commercial property deal. We can help you move quickly into the Salt Lake City multifamily market with a fast-closing bridge loan, then assist with conventional financing later. There’s no need to work with multiple private money brokers. Nelson Funding can loan you the capital you need for projects at most any stage of completion; from new construction to rehab and everything in between.


Retail Property Financing with Attractive Terms

Maybe you’re focused on owning a retail space in Salt Lake City. A range of properties presents exceptional opportunities: you have your eye on two small storefronts; a larger space in a mall and a mini-chain of cleaning stores. You opt for the two small storefronts because you want to knock out the wall between them and create a large camera store. With so many big plans for your new store, you’ll need financing that’s ready when you are. Nelson Funding closes its loans fast and offers rates starting at 4.5%. With attractive loan terms, knowledge of the area and markets, plus a network of lenders that have funded thousands of deals in Salt Lake City and vicinity, it pays to check with Nelson Funding when you want to buy retail property.

Don’t wait and risk losing your commercial property deal in Salt Lake City. Take advantage of Nelson Funding’s familiarity with the city and our connections with lenders who know the business climate there. Call us today: 573-246-7087.

* Not all deals will qualify. For deals outside the listed parameters please reference the General Lending Parameters page.


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