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Take advantage of commercial real estate opportunities without the red tape you’ll find at banks. Nelson Funding’s hard money loans for Utah provide private money in only days to a few short weeks. Move ahead with your commercial property investment plans – you can make it happen with Nelson Funding.

Across the state of Utah, you can access a range of commercial real estate opportunities: multifamily houses, vacation rentals, office buildings, medical centers, and more. With the increased appeal Utah offers commercial property investors due to healthcare, banks, and universities operating around the state, investment opportunities abound. Timing is important to make the most of these deals, and when you can access the financing you need to buy into the commercial property of your choice, you can jumpstart your ability to generate income. What investors need to take advantage of retail, hospitality, multifamily, and more commercial property opportunities is funding that is readily available in days to just a few short weeks. Often opportunities can be missed if commercial funding comes with red tape – what you need then is a private money broker that can help you seamlessly line up financing. When there’s no time to wait for a financial institution to render a loan decision, Nelson Funding is the hard money broker in Utah that can put your loan deal together for you fast.


We Help You Access Private Money in Utah Fast

Our professionals can work with you on a variety of loan requirements. If you require a loan for a short period, such as gapping a project from construction/rehab to stabilization, ask us about a bridge loan. For example, you may wish to access our private money from our lenders to buy a property that you want to own as it’s a good investment (perhaps you’re thinking of relocating your business in the future and you just can’t pass up buying this building now). Nelson Funding can arrange a hard money loan (loan secured by real property you own) that will allow you to make a down payment on this new property and monthly payments, for a short time, until you can arrange for a mortgage loan.

You might need cash to rehab a property that you want to flip quickly. With a hard money loan from Nelson Funding, you can get the capital you need to go ahead with your plans. We can get you a loan fast and you can get on with making the property into the gem you know it can be, then flip it for some fast cash.

Another way you can benefit from a Nelson Funding hard money loan is if you want capital to buy additional investment properties. If you had a more favorable rate on a rental property loan, you could make the difference between that and what you’re currently paying, and put it towards more rentals that can generate even more income. All of this becomes possible with a hard money loan from Nelson Funding.


Move Ahead with Your Plans: Nelson Funding Offers the Hard Money You Need

Let our loan professionals match a hard money loan to your needs. Be ready to go ahead with your plans, as with us, you’ll find none of the delays that can stall your investments, as you’ll find with banks. Bring us your commercial real estate funding needs and let’s talk. Our loan pros understand the many attractive commercial real estate investment opportunities available in Utah today, and can help you get the financing you need! What’s more, we can also help you get a commercial mortgage later, so you can refinance your bridge loan. Get started by taking a look at our commercial lending parameters before you apply.


Commercial Lending Parameters

Once you are ready to apply for your hard money loan, take a look at the following lending parameters when working with Nelson Funding. Loan amounts start at a minimum of $1,000,000 and go to $250,000,000+ at an interest rate of 4.99%-9.99%. The origination fee is 2-4 points, term length ranges from 6-36 months, and the time to close is about 1-3 weeks.

Situations financed by Nelson Funding include:

  • Refinance
  • Purchase
    Bank turn-downs
  • Vacant properties
  • Quick Closings
  • Chapter 11 exits
  • Renovation/rehabs
  • Distressed properties
  • New construction
  • Fix-n-Flips

Eligible property types for a hard money loan include:

  • Multifamily
  • Hospitality (Flagged and Boutique)
  • Office
  • Student Housing
  • Senior Living
  • Storage Units
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Owner-Occupied
  • Investment Residential
  • Luxury Properties
  • Medical
  • Mobile Homes
  • Single Tenant
  • Retail

Nelson Funding requires the following items before you can receive your terms for your commercial real estate project:

  • Profit and Loss Statement for the last two years
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Operating Agreement/By-Laws
  • Purchase Sales Agreement/Real Estate Purchase Contract (if there is a purchase)
  • Hud-1 (if purchased within the last three years)
  • 4 Color Photos or an Old Appraisal
  • Rent Roll (if applicable)
  • List of Improvements Made/Required
  • Resume/Background of Principal(s)


Why Choose Nelson Funding

Nelson Funding closes commercial real estate deals in Utah and around the world daily. Our extensive knowledge and experience with lending drive our momentum, creating a big advantage for those seeking private money loans in Utah.


Contact Us & Apply for a Hard Money Loan in Utah

Call 573-246-7087 or contact us online to discuss lending opportunities with an experienced and trusted hard money broker in Utah. Once you have all of your questions answered, you can start the process by applying online, submitting all the necessary documents for the loan, and staying in touch with our friendly loan officers to ensure everything is correct. Once we receive all of the documents, our lenders will issue terms fast! We can close a deal within 10-30 days so you won’t miss out on that amazing real estate opportunity.

* Not all deals will qualify. For deals outside the listed parameters please reference the General Lending Parameters page.


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