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With Brigham Young University in this city, it’s natural that you might want to buy or build in Provo. Dozens of businesses serve the university community, so you literally have your pick of retail opportunities. But what will you do if you find the perfect retail store to buy in Provo, and you can’t get the funding you need? More to the point, what happens if you can’t get the funding on time, and a competitor swoops in and closes the deal? You’ll lose a potentially lucrative investment. We recommend calling Nelson Funding as soon as you have your chosen target. In many cases we can close your loan in days or a few short weeks.

That’s definitely exciting – the potential to close your loan fast and keep to your project timeline! Few local banks can do this and even if they say that they can, Nelson Funding provides additional benefits, such as one-stop loan shopping for all types of commercial loans, including:

  • Retail Property Loans
  • 10-Day Bridge Loans
  • Hospitality Loans
  • Multifamily Loans
  • SBA, USDA, Conventional Mortgages
  • And more!

Arranging Financing for a Provo Hotel Purchase & Remodel

Let’s say you decide to cater to parents of university students and want to buy one of the most popular hotels near the university. That sounds like an easy deal to complete – most banks should be able to help you with financing on a property that is a proven moneymaker like this one is. There’s one potential sticking point: you need to move on this deal immediately, or you risk losing it to another interested party. The bank isn’t going to provide your loan quickly, and you want to get this hotel added to your portfolio of Provo properties. This is a perfect scenario for calling Nelson Funding.

Our experienced loan professionals know the Provo market and can appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish with your hotel project. We definitely understand the urgency of the situation and can walk you through various loan options that can fit your requirements. We also know all of our lenders well, and what types of deals they fund. We’ll match you with a lender that will be ready to get your loan closed fast.


Nelson Funding’s Flexibility Makes Most Any Loan Situation Easier

When you speak to us, you let us know one additional point: you want to rehab the hotel which will allow you to accommodate large groups for birthdays and other big parties. We’ll speak with you about your plans then show you a variety of loan solutions that can help you get the hotel purchased and in line for the rehab, too.

In cases like this, we often can provide a bridge loan, which will allow you to buy and also have enough money for the construction. Then we’d work to get you a conventional commercial mortgage after you took care of your urgent purchase and construction work. You’ll move ahead according to your own timeline, and that’s what makes Nelson Funding a go-to financing resource.

If you’re thinking about buying commercial property in Provo, call Nelson Funding first. With all of our loan options and rates starting at 4.5%, you can’t afford to call us today! Call 573-246-7087, or contact us online. Don’t miss out on great commercial property deals in Provo!

Don’t wait and risk losing your commercial property deal in Salt Lake City. Take advantage of Nelson Funding’s familiarity with the city and our connections with lenders who know the business climate there. Call us today: 573-246-7087.

* Not all deals will qualify. For deals outside the listed parameters please reference the General Lending Parameters page.


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