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Build, Buy, or Rehab: Nelson Funding Can Loan You the Capital You Need to Get in Salt Lake City’s Multifamily Housing


If you want to begin or continue your acquisition of Salt Lake City multifamily properties, call Nelson Funding first. When you apply to Nelson Funding for financing, you can explore our full suite of loan options that can help you fund your project. Need a bridge loan in just days? Call us. Want a commercial mortgage to buy an existing multifamily building? We’re the funder you should contact. Maybe you have a construction project in mind; if so, Nelson Funding can get you the capital you need to help you break ground and build. Let’s take a closer look at how Nelson Funding can assist you with its suite of loan products.


How We Can Fund Your Commercial Property Project

Whether you want to build, buy or rehab (or have a different project in mind) Nelson Funding can help you get the capital you need to make your move in Salt Lake City’s hot multifamily housing market. If you’ve identified an opportunity you’d like to pursue, and funding is an issue, then call us now: 573-246-7087, or contact us online. Don’t miss out on a great commercial property deal in Salt Lake City because of a lack of financing. There’s no need to let the competition go forward with its plans to snap up that property you have your eye on: let Nelson Funding show you options like this:

Build: You have the lot selected and your construction team in place. Nelson Funding is here for you: Talk to us about our range of loan options that can get your project underway fast, as you await mortgage funding. Result: You got your loan from us, allowing you to build a desirable multifamily building in Salt Lake City.

Buy: You’ve already lost out to competitors on two other multifamily buildings; you don’t want to be on the losing end with your latest acquisition target. With your usual lender unable to get you a quick loan, you fear all is lost. The best thing to do in this situation is to call Nelson Funding [573-246-7087, or contact us online.] We’ll talk over your deal with you and introduce you to our lending parameters. Result: We made a bridge loan to you so you could buy your building and benefit from Salt Lake City’s hot multifamily property market.

Rehab: Rehabbing a building isn’t cheap; you’ll usually need a great deal of capital to get your renovations completed. Plus, there are often cost overruns associated with building projects, and you need to be ready, in case more cash is needed. Nelson Funding understands these issues and can provide a bridge loan or other financing to get your rehab project off the ground.


Our Commercial Property Loans Help You Get Deals Done in Salt Lake City

If you have commercial property purchase, construction, or rehab plans in Salt Lake City you don’t have to stand idly by and watch your competitors grow – you can do it with help from Nelson Funding. Timing is so important to commercial real estate deals, and Nelson Funding can help with multifamily loans and a lot more, including retail loans, hospitality loans, and all types of commercial property financing. We do this on a fast timetable that gets capital in your hands so you can fulfill your plans. Since our lending partners close fast (often in days), you’ll skip the wait that can happen when you get funding from your bank. Vanilla bridge loans close in 10 days or less. Challenging situations usually close in 14-21 days. New construction 14-21 days. Our lending network gives us the flexibility to help you quickly so you can get your project up and running on your schedule

Nelson Funding can help you get the financing you need to move on commercial property investment possibilities in Salt Lake City, including multifamily housing investments and more. Talk to us about your project and our funding experts will work to get you a loan that fits your needs.

Call Nelson Funding today; don’t miss out on another Salt Lake City commercial real estate deal! Call now: 573-246-7087, or contact us online.

* Not all deals will qualify. For deals outside the listed parameters please reference the General Lending Parameters page.


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