Closes $12.5 Million Land Acquisition and Development Loan In Idaho

Mayfield Land Loan

Closes $12.5 Million Land Acquisition and Development Loan In Idaho

Nelson Funding is pleased to announce the closing of a 42% LTV land acquisition and development loan in Mayfield, Idaho. The Nelson Funding was contacted by a broker who has successfully closed multiple previous deals with our team. The repeat broker had a client who was under contract to purchase a large land development in Idaho and needed to close as soon as possible due to their purchase contract expiring in five days. The borrower had been working with another lender who decided at the last minute to withdraw their term sheet and void their closing. Nelson Funding quickly identified a local private lender who had the ability to close in five days. With low leverage at 42% LTV and permits and approvals in hand from the planning commission, Nelson Funding’s private lender immediately set up a site visit and closing the same week.

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