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San Jose is considered the capital of Silicon Valley, the place where major tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google were started. San Jose has the same focus on technological innovation, cultural diversity, and entrepreneurial spirit as the rest of Silicon Valley. Not only are there more than 2,000 large tech companies here, but also hundreds of start-ups have opened their doors here, hoping to follow in these giant’s footsteps. 


As one of the densest concentrations of businesses in the world, there are numerous business opportunities waiting in San Jose. However, securing your piece of Silicon Valley in San Jose comes with serious competition. Even with an original, innovative idea, you need the funding for commercial space, and you can’t risk losing your property due to long, drawn-out bank loan processes. That’s where Nelson Funding comes in. We’re a quick close bridge lender that can provide you with a hard money loan in San Jose in as little as ten days. 


The Nelson Funding Process vs. Traditional Commercial Lending Companies

To understand how the team at Nelson Funding can make the difference between securing your perfect piece of commercial property and missing out, let’s review the process of getting a hard money loan in San Jose from other commercial lenders. Before you can secure your commercial loan, you have to provide the lender with a complete financial history, credit scores, and how you plan to repay the loan. You may also have to apply additional information such as bank statements, W2 forms, pay stubs, and more. This paperwork can take a significant amount of time to gather and process, and during this time the property you’ve been looking at may have been sold to someone else. By the time you’ve received your funds, you’ll likely have to start your search for commercial property all over again. 


Here’s what you can expect from Nelson Funding. Our process usually takes about ten days to complete from start to finish. Our application is available online and you can submit that along with any necessary documentation directly to one of our loan officers. We’ll then connect you with one of our many lenders in the San Jose area that are likely to fund your loan. After completing all due diligence tasks, we’ll provide your funds. We’ll even coordinate closings with your title and property using mobile notaries. 


Depending on the type of loan, you can expect to receive your funds within 10-30 days of filling out your application–significantly faster than any other commercial lender. Our team truly makes the difference between opening the doors to your new business and missing out on a great piece of property.


Hard Money Loans for San Jose’s Booming Tech Industry

To see Nelson Funding in action, let’s discuss a few scenarios that our team typically funds to see how you can benefit from our quick close commercial bridge loans. 


  • Purchase. You’ve got an idea for a social media company that could transform the way sports companies manage their online presence. You want to set up an office space near Earthquakes Stadium to cater to professional and amateur athletes as well as sports fans to reach more customers. As you start your search, you find a small office space just blocks from the stadium that’s perfect. You know this space will go quickly, so you contact Nelson Funding. After discussing your plans with us, we’ll discuss our lending parameters and settle on terms. You’ll then have your funds within a few days. 


  • Construction. Your technology business has recently experienced substantial growth and you need a new place to do business. However, you have a very specific wishlist as to what you want in your new space, so you decide to build your space from the ground up. You apply for a hard money loan from Nelson Funding that allows you to keep your project moving while you wait for traditional equity financing. You’re able to focus on ensuring your new space is exactly what you’ve pictured while we take care of the details.


  • Rehab. Sometimes your perfect space needs a little fixing up before it’s perfect. Nelson Funding provides fix-n-flip loans that you can use to update the space and turn it into your dream space.


Contact Nelson Funding to Secure a Hard Money Loan to Keep Your Business Growing

With the endless amount of business opportunities in San Jose, you can’t afford to contact Nelson Funding. Whether you’re joining in the technology industry boom or have another small-business idea that you’re confident would do well in this innovative city, Nelson Funding is completely behind you. Tell us about the property you’ve got your eye on and how you plan to use it and we’ll find you a commercial lender that will fund your venture. Our team of professionals is here to support you even after you’ve received your funds. We’ll talk to you about our bridge loans and how you can secure a traditional mortgage. 


If you’re ready to get started with Nelson Funding, contact us online! You can also reach us by calling 573-246-7087 or emailing one of our loan officers at Don’t miss out on your dream space; contact us today!


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