Land Development loans

Land development loans

Land Development loans

Loan for Land Development


When in need of a loan for land development, look no further than Nelson Funding. Nelson Funding specializes in providing loans for your time-sensitive property purchases and development. When they are trying to grow, businesses and companies come to us for the best financial support.

Customers know that we value our clients and want the best for them. We will always work to the best of our ability to benefit you most. We will communicate with you as much as needed to be the best advocates possible. Our promise is to find the best funding options and be at your side for the whole process. We want you to be successful. When you are successful, so are we.


Commercial Land Developement

Business acquisitions and growth brings a need to develop a property and increase assets. Business growth is essential to a company’s continuing success. Stagnant companies do not just plateau, they later start to diminish. Wise businesses avoid this and look for different ways to grow and develop at all times. When you find yourself looking to increase assets, but your company cannot comfortably pay cash up-front, we can help you.

A loan for land development is a commercial mortgage used to purchase raw land and develop it for business use. These developments can include warehouses, office buildings, retail, dining, lodging, automotive servicing, recreation, religious facilities, etc. All businesses, at one point or another, should consider financing options. Even if they do have the cash to buy upfront, they still should consider financing as a way to keep enough money in the reserve to grow other aspects of your business simultaneously.


Increase your assets

Property value in Utah has continued to grow. Despite past ups and downs, land value continues to rise. The longer you can own a piece of property, the more it seems it will be worth down the line. Also, the more time goes by, the more difficult it will be to have funds to purchase land. Consequently, it is important to buy property as soon as prudent rather than just rent.

Renting is a low-cost option month to month, but doesn’t provide any value to your company. It works for a transition phase in a company’s life, but long term, it ends up only being an expense. In contrast, when you make regular payments on a loan, you are not just covering your expenses but also increasing your assets. While renting property works for many, owning your property is more profitable. Our loan for land development can allow you to accomplish this without breaking the bank.


Getting a Loan for Land Development

Nelson Funding will work closely with you to know the best options for you and your business. We will then search for all the best options for financing and keep you informed of your possibilities throughout the process. Nelson Funding does phenomenal work, and you can see all of our success stories under recent closings.

We want to see your company succeed, so if you decide to take that next step, come to us for help. If you have any inquiries please contact us at our Apply now tab.


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