Low-Interest Rate Commercial Loans

Low-Interest Rate Commercial Loans To Expand Your Business


Finding the perfect property for your business expansion is the easy part. Getting the funds you need is where things can get difficult. You may have worked with other commercial lenders in the past, but they may not have come through for you when you needed them. Whether you’re looking for property to use as an office space, industrial warehouse, apartment complex, or storefront, Nelson Funding is committed to helping you get the commercial loans you need to reach your business goals.

At Nelson Funding, we provide a variety of loan solutions to help you secure the property you’ve had your eye on. These include: 

  • 10-day loans
  • Retail property loans
  • Multifamily loans
  • SBA, USDA, and conventional mortgages
  • Hospitality loans

Secure Your Perfect Property

The real estate market in Los Angeles is incredibly competitive. As soon as you find the right property, you have to move quickly. 


Let’s say you want to take advantage of the thousands of recent college graduates who move to LA for job opportunities or to further their education. Maybe you want to buy a piece of property to build an apartment complex or buy a run-down apartment building and restore it. However, you know that several other interested parties have their eye on this property and you know you have to move quickly in order to secure it. You could go through the usual process of securing commercial loans from a bank, but the process is time-consuming. By that point, you may have lost the property to another party and will have to start your search all over again. This is the perfect situation to call Nelson Funding. 


We want to see you secure your perfect property and will work quickly to find you a commercial lending company that will provide the funds you need and make a deal quickly. Typically, we can secure your loan in a matter of days or within a few weeks. Once you’ve got your funds, you can streamline your project timeline and get one step closer to finishing your project.


For example, if you find a piece of property near the University of Southern California that you want to build a multifamily apartment complex on. You’d like to build this complex quickly before the start of the fall semester. However, you know that going through the loan process at a popular bank will take too long and you may miss out on this great piece of property. Nelson Funding streamlines the entire process and gets you a hard money loan within a few days. Once you’ve secured your funds, you can start the construction or rehabilitation process. It’s that easy. 


Why Work with Nelson Funding? 

You may be hesitant to work with another commercial lending company–especially if you’ve run into challenges in the past. What makes Nelson Funding different is our extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles area and markets and a wide network of lenders who are interested in making an investment. We know exactly which lenders will provide the funds you need and which ones will provide the specific loan you need. Knowing these factors beforehand helps save valuable time on the loan process and help you secure your funds faster.


Our talented team of representatives is committed to helping you even after you’ve purchased a property with a bridge loan from Nelson Funding. We’ll help you secure a traditional commercial mortgage loan at a great interest rate so you can continue to have a successful business.


Finally, we provide low-interest rate commercial loans starting at 4.5%. Working with our loan professionals, we’ll match you with a commercial lender who will provide a private money loan that will help you move forward with your project. Before you purchase retail property, check with Nelson Funding. You may be surprised to see how quickly you can get the funds you need to start your project. 


Providing Funds for All Commercial Property Projects

Nelson Funding provides funds for various types of projects. Whether you’re interested in building something from the ground up or want to flip an old property, we’re here to help make that happen. 


If you’re interested in constructing an entirely new building, we’ll get you the funds you need. By applying for a hard money loan from Nelson Funding, you get immediate funds and can begin building while we secure equity financing. There’s no need to delay your project’s schedule or go through a time-consuming loan process. Our team will get you the funds and you can start building immediately. 


Similarly, a hard money loan from Nelson Funding provides the funds you need for a restoration or rehabilitation project. You can make all the changes and upgrades you need with the funds we provide you. This way, you ensure that your property looks exactly the way you want it before you open for business. 


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