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Nelson Funding Closes $5,197,500 Lot Development Loan in El Cajon, CA

Nelson Funding Closes $5,197,500 Lot Development Loan in El Cajon, CA

Nelson Funding is proud to announce the recent closing of a $5,197,500 senior construction loan to complete horizontal and vertical work of a 26 twin-home project in El Cajon, CA. Nelson Funding secured an 80% LTC  senior construction loan that was able to close in just a matter of weeks. Additionally, Nelson Funding arranged a $724,000 mezzanine loan for a total loan amount of $5,921,500 which combined with the senior debt reflects a 91% combined loan to cost. 

The developer is now able to finish his project and provide much needed housing in the greater San Diego area.

Contact to discuss your commercial real estate scenario today. We finance everything from lot development to resort development and everything in between.

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