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With Naples being relatively equidistant from Marco Island in the south and Cape Coral in the north, it’s not surprising that many young entrepreneurs choose this quaint, historic town to buy or build a business. While the style of living may be a little slower in Naples, the competition certainly isn’t. Dozens of professionals compete to purchase the perfect commercial property, which means you have to move quickly when you find the right spot for your next business venture.


But what do you do when traditional banks force you to wait weeks or even months for the hard money loans you need to get started? Do you continue to wait and hope your target property isn’t sold to a competitor? Rather than run the risk, call Nelson Funding. In most cases, we can provide you with the funds you need in a matter of days or a few short weeks. 


While many banks say they can provide you with rapid financing, none are as fast as Nelson Funding. We provide a number of commercial loans to fund any business project, including:


  • Construction loans
  • Multifamily bridge loan
  • Retail property loans
  • Fix-n-flip loans
  • Warehouse purchase loan
  • USDA or SBA conventional mortgages


No matter what your business project, Nelson Funding has the capital you need to get started and the support you need to succeed.

Arranging Financing for a Number of Business Ventures

While Naples’ economy is primarily based on tourism there are a number of other industries that are adding to the rapid employment growth experienced here, citrus, manufacturing, and technology being just a few. There’s no shortage of business possibilities here, especially considering that future job growth is expected to increase by 39.3% in the next ten years, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%. 


If you’re one of the many business professionals contributing to this growth by opening or expanding your business, it’s important to have the right financial resource behind you. That’s where Nelson Funding comes in. We provide a number of hard money loans in Naples, FL that ensure you get the funds you need as quickly as possible. Let’s discuss a few ways that our team can help you secure your capital faster than a traditional bank.

Hotel Purchase and Remodel

Naples has more than 70 golf courses in the city, more than any other city in the country. With so many avid golfers visiting here, you want to cater to them by purchasing and remodeling an old hotel on Gulf Shore Boulevard near the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. This particular course was rated “The Best Public Course in Southwest Florida” and attracts hundreds of golfers year-round so you know business would be good in this particular location.

You know that several competitors have their eye on this space, so you call Nelson Funding. After you’ve completed your application and provided us with details about your project, we get you in contact with one of our many investors. In as little as ten days, you not only have the multifamily purchase loan you need but also a fix-n-flip bridge loan to help cover the remodeling costs. You’re able to move forward with your project timeline and are opening the doors to your hotel before you know it.

Nelson Funding will continue to work with you even after you’ve finished your remodel by helping you secure a traditional commercial mortgage at a great interest rate. From start to finish, you’ll have the complete support of our professional and experienced team.


Warehouse Purchase Loan

Let’s say you’re the creator of a revolutionary medical device that has quickly grown in popularity in Naples and the surrounding area. You’re looking to take your company to the next level and want to purchase a bigger warehouse space to streamline manufacture. You’d like the space to be nearby in order to oversee production and respond to any problems as quickly as possible. After some searching, you find a large property just five minutes away from your existing office. You then begin the lengthy task of securing a warehouse purchase loan from a traditional bank. However, they’re a little weary of providing the funds because the property you’re looking at has been vacant for several years. While you’re waiting for the bank to make a decision, someone else purchases the property, forcing you to start your search again.f

Soon enough, you find another vacant commercial property within twenty minutes from your office and decide to move forward with the purchase. This time, you choose Nelson Funding as your commercial lender. We know the market in Naples and understand the urgency of your situation, so we carefully take you through your loan options and match you with the right lender. In just a few short weeks, you have the funds you need and are able to begin construction thanks to the rapid financing of Nelson Funding.


Enjoy the Flexibility Offered by Nelson Funding

Unlike traditional banks or other commercial lending companies in Naples, Nelson Funding provides rapid financing and does not shy away from the type of projects traditional lenders are wary of. Plus, we provide funding for virtually any industry, commercial project, or situation including purchasing, refinancing, vacant properties, bank turn-downs, and more. Finally, when you choose Nelson Funding as your financial resource, you’ll have access to generous loan amounts. From amounts as low as $1,000,000 to as high as $250,000,000, we have the exact amount of funding you need for your next business project. Plus, our interest rates are incredibly reasonable and range from 4.99% to 9.99%. 


If you’re ready to get started with Nelson Funding, contact us! You can reach a Nelson Funding representative by calling 573-246-7087 or emailing us at loans@nelsonfunding.com. We’re excited to hear from you and help you get the hard money you need for your commercial project.


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