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As one of the largest cities in Florida and home to 22 miles of stunning shoreline, several major universities, and numerous exciting attractions, Jacksonville is the perfect place for young entrepreneurs, professionals, and families. The city has a thriving entrepreneurial scene, a favorable tax market, low cost of living, and accessible financing. 


With so many young professionals flocking to Jacksonville, commercial property of all kinds goes quickly. So when you find a plot of land perfect for a new office or warehouse or a fixer-upper with great potential, you have to move quickly. This means you have to have your financing approved and ready to go. If not, you risk losing your perfect piece of property. That’s where Nelson Funding comes in. 


Unlike other commercial lending companies, we provide hard money loans in Jacksonville, FL as well as other commercial loans in as little as ten days. We’ve helped hundreds of clients throughout Jacksonville and across the country secure the funds they needed to move their project timeline forward. Here are just a few of the loans we provide:


  • 10-day bridge loans
  • Fix-n-flip loans
  • Land development loan
  • Retail property loans
  • Multifamily loans
  • Hospitality loans
  • USDA, SBA, and conventional mortgages

No matter what type of business project you’re looking to secure funding for, Nelson Funding is committed to helping you get it. 


Nelson Funding vs. Traditional Banks

One of the biggest benefits of hard money loans is that they close far more quickly than traditional banks. This is especially important where the retail market is very competitive and you have to move quickly in order to secure commercial property. However, many of the projects that require hard money loans are usually deemed too risky by traditional banks to fund. Should they decide to move forward with a loan, it may take months before you receive them as they’ll be looking heavily into your financial position. By the time you receive your funds, your commercial space may have been purchased by someone else. 


Unlike traditional banks, hard money lenders like Nelson Funding are happy to provide funding for commercial properties that traditional banks turn down. This includes properties like bank turn-downs, distress properties, refinances, and more. Additionally, our process is designed to be fast. We’ll take care of finding you the perfect lender and handling paperwork so you can stay focused on moving your project forward.

Quick-Close Loans for Warehouse, Office, or Retail Space

To see Nelson Funding in action, we’ll illustrate a number of construction, rehab, and purchasing scenarios and how you can benefit from working with us. 


  • Construction: One of the top industries in Jacksonville is in manufacturing. In fact, manufacturers like Revlon, Pepsi Co., and Southeastern Grocers are headquartered here. Let’s say you’ve found the perfect piece of land where you can build your warehouse and office space from the ground up. You know several of your competitors are also looking at this property, so you need to move quickly. Nelson Funding is here for you. You apply for a hard money loan and receive your funds in just a few short weeks. This way, you’re able to keep your project timeline moving forward and get operational more quickly. 


  • Rehab: You’ve found the perfect spot for a retail store along the shores of Neptune Beach. However, space needs some repairs and updates before you can open it. At Nelson Funding, we understand your situation and our hard money loans are perfect for these types of situations.


  • Purchase: Another major industry in Jacksonville is in information technology. Let’s say you have a passion for this field and are looking to open up your own IT support firm. You’ve done some research and found that there are only one or two IT firms located just outside of downtown. Setting up here will allow you to cater to some of the smaller businesses nearby and is within easy driving distance of downtown. You quickly find the perfect property and, thanks to your hard money loan from Nelson Funding, are able to purchase it quickly before a competitor does. 



These are just a few of the ways that Nelson Funding helps you to take advantage of the many business opportunities available in Jacksonville. Let us know what your business goals are and we’ll provide you with the perfect loan to make it happen. We can even help you later down the road by providing you with a low-interest conventional mortgage. 

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Whether you’re looking to open up a new multifamily building to cater to the thousands of tourists who visit Jacksonville each year or your own beach-front restaurant, Nelson Funding can make it happen. To get started with our fast and simple loan process, contact us! You can fill out our online contact form, email us at loan@nelsonfunding.com, or by calling 573-246-7087. 


Don’t miss out on the Jacksonville commercial real estate deal you’ve been excited about for months. Contact Nelson Funding and get one step closer to purchasing your dream property.


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