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If you’re one of the many individuals who have chosen Key West as the place to start your business, there are a few things you should know: securing commercial space in Key West is competitive. Slow response from banks also poses a significant threat to securing business space here. If you’ve experienced this first hand, Nelson Funding wants to hear from you. Our team of professionals and a wide network of investors are ready to get you the hard money you need to open the doors to your business.

Who We Are

As a nationwide correspondent lender and commercial loan broker, Nelson Funding is committed to helping our borrowers get the best financing for their commercial projects. We’ve provided finance for more than 50 business projects and have placed more than $200 million of capital. Whether you’re looking to build new office space or commercial cash-out refinance, Nelson Funding has the experience you need to get any project funded. 

Why Choose Nelson Funding?

Starting a business isn’t as easy as you’d think. There is a lot of hard work and effort needed to get a business venture off the ground. While many young entrepreneurs think that all they need is a bank loan to get started, it’s rarely that simple. Especially in Key West where there are many up-and-coming businessmen looking to capitalize on the huge tourism industry on the island. 


To ensure you get the capital you need, Nelson Funding provides quick-closing hard money loans in Key West, FL. We offer fast loan approvals for those in need of bridge loans, a number of loans for a wide range of industries, and enjoy generous loan amounts with great lending parameters. When you work with Nelson Funding, it’s easy and affordable to secure the funds you need to move your business dreams forward. 


See Nelson Funding in Action

In 2019, nearly 132 million tourists traveled to Key West on both business and leisure trips. With so many visitors coming here each year, it’s no wonder the top industry in Key West is tourism. More specifically, some of the top industries in the area are retail, lodging, and restaurants. If you have a business idea for any of these industries, take a look at how Nelson Funding can provide you with a hard money loan faster than any other commercial lending company. 


Duval Street and Mallory Square offer the best shopping in Key West. However, finding retail space here is incredibly competitive. Let’s say that you hear of a shop closing in Mallory Square and the space is available for purchase. Rather than talking to Nelson Funding, you go through a traditional bank, but due to their long process and wait time, space is sold to someone else before you’re able to secure your funds. This forces you to look elsewhere for property and rearrange your project timeline to after the beginning of summer, which isn’t ideal. 


After waiting a few months for additional retail space to open up, you finally find a property within a five-minute drive from the square. While not ideal, you’ll still get a fair amount of business from beach-goers and shoppers so you decide to move forward with the purchase. This time, you’ve talked to Nelson Funding and have secured the hard money loan you need within just a few days, ensuring someone else doesn’t snag the property before you do. We’ve even provided you with a fix-n-flip loan to update the property to fit your specific brand. 


With so many people traveling to Key West, opening up a hotel or bed and breakfast is a solid business venture. You’d like to open one not too far from Smathers Beach, the largest, most popular beach in Key West. After you’ve looked at a few properties, you decide you’d like to construct a medium-sized bed and breakfast so you can make it your own. You get in touch with a representative from Nelson Funding and provide the details of your construction project. We then reach out to one of our many investors and carefully match you with one that’s likely to fund your project. Within a few weeks, you’ve got the construction loan you need to get started. Even after you’ve finished building, Nelson Funding can help you secure a traditional commercial mortgage loan.


There are hundreds of incredible restaurants scattered throughout Key West. From fresh-caught seafood to slow-smoked barbecue, foodies have no shortage of places to eat. As a passionate cook yourself, you decide to open your own restaurant, specifically near Duval Street and Mallory Square so you can cater to the thousands of hungry shoppers and tourists. 


You know that restaurant space here goes quickly, so you need to secure your capital as fast as possible. Rather than go through a traditional bank and risk losing your perfect property, you reach out to Nelson Funding. We help you through our fast approval process and get you in touch with an investor in a matter of days. In a few short weeks, you have the capital you need to purchase the property and get to work creating your restaurant. 

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Whether you’re interested in opening a boutique filled with your own fashion designs or a chic bar in the heart of downtown, choose Nelson Funding as your trusted financial resource. If you have a business scenario or project you’d like our team to review, contact us online, send us an email at, or call 573-246-7087. We look forward to hearing from you.




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